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Introductory Full instruction is given on snowshoe technique and equipment. Designed for those who have done little or no snowshoeing, but who take regular exercise and have a reasonable level of fitness. This is ideal for walkers who want to explore the mountains in winter. Expect to walk on a variety of terrain from flat to undulating, on and off the beaten tracks. Expect to walk for up to 3-4 hours per day. Typically reaching 2,000m - 2,500m.

Intermediate Suitable for most summer hill-walkers, generally involving a full day (9am until 3-4pm) of snowshoeing at a moderate altitude (normally no higher than 2,500m and on rare occasions to a maximum of 2,900m). No previous snowshoe experience is necessary. Routes taken are on and off the beaten track. A good level of fitness is required as these trips can involve considerable amounts of ascent and descent and the occasional difficult day. Expect to walk 5-7 hours per day.

Advanced These holidays are very physically challenging and are suitable for regular hill-walkers who are used to extended days. These snowshoe treks can involve difficult and sometimes demanding days, as well as lengthy periods at higher altitudes (2,500m-3,000m). A high level of fitness and previous snowshoeing experience is essential. Expect to be walking 5-7 hours per day with the occasional longer day.

The distances and heights here are just a guideline and we suggest you check your chosen itinerary to ensure that your holiday insurance covers you for the maximum altitude you will be snowshoeing to and also the relevant countries visited.

Contact us if you've any questions on the grading of trips.