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Trail Running

Intermediate / Improvers (Trail Running Camps)

For this holiday we expect that you are already running on a regular basis regularly covering distances of 10km-20km.

The shorter run sessions and group classes on the camps will be between 1-2 hours in duration and might include short sustained bursts of fast exercise either on the flat or up hill depending on your experience and speed.

For the longer sessions you could be expected to either run or power walk, or a mixture of both, on three days you will be in the mountains for most of the day (4-5 hours). We expect to cover 15-20kms on the longer days and reach altitudes of between 2000m-2500m. The routes will be mostly on good paths and tracks, but may include narrower paths and steep uphill sections.


Our point to point trail running holidays are designed for regular trail runners who would like run in the mountains with the benefit of a guide. You will be expected to cover from 15km - 20km (10-15 miles) per day, carried out over the course of a day, 4-5 hours.

The routes gradually build on the distance and height gained per day. You will be mostly running but some height will be gained will with a fast walking pace. Maximum heights reached on these tours varies depending on the region you are visiting but would normally be between 1500m - 2500m. Our routes will be mostly on good paths and tracks, but may include narrower paths, rocky and steeper uphill sections.


For experienced runners. The average distance covered DAILY on these weeks is around 25/30 kilometres (15-20 miles) with large sections of ascent and descent. Suitable for regular trail runners who are also used to a variety of mountain trails and conditions. The terrain is quite varied but mainly on good trails, some technical narrow rocky sections and occasionally the high passes hold snow into early July. Expect to be on the move for between 6-8 hrs for each day. The maximum altitude reached on these tours is 2600m.

These distances and heights are just a guideline and we suggest you check your chosen itinerary to ensure that your holiday insurance covers you for the altitude you will be trail running to and the relevant countries visited.

Contact us if you've any questions on the grading of trips.