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Moderate Designed to be suitable for most walkers in good health who exercise regularly. These walking holidays are predominately on good paths and often at lower altitude, below 2000m. We would expect you to have had some previous days out walking but not extensive experience. We would expect you to be prepared to deal with hiking in bad weather if necessary. Expect to walk from between 4-6 hours per day.

Difficult Suitable for most hill-walkers, these trips involve longer days at a moderate altitude (up to 2,800m), on good paths and tracks. A reasonable level of fitness is required as these treks can involve considerable amounts of ascent and descent and the occasional difficult day on rougher paths. We would expect you to have previous experience of walking on consecutive days in the mountains. Expect to walk 5-7 hours per day.

Demanding These holidays are more physically challenging and are suitable for regular hill-walkers who are used to extended days. These treks can involve difficult and demanding days as well as lengthy periods over 2,800m. Some trekking days might reach up to 3500m. A high level of fitness and previous trekking experience is essential. Expect to be walking 5-7 hours per day with the occasional longer day.

These distances and heights are just a guideline and we suggest you check your chosen itinerary to ensure that your holiday insurance covers you for the height you will be walking to and the relevant countries visited.

Contact us if you've any questions on the grading of trips.