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Listed here are some companies which provide appropriate cover for the activities which we offer. Please be aware that each company has a different set of conditions and different levels of benefits in the event of a claim, so do check carefully! Be especially careful when booking insurance for cross country skiing trips to Norway and how 'ski touring' is categorised by each company.

Bupa Travel Insurance

hi Bupa offer international health and travel insurance to both individuals and corporate customers with a wide variety of health and travel insurance plans.

World Nomad Insurance

World Nomad offers simple and flexible insurance cover. You can buy online, even after you’ve left home. Extend and claim online while travelling. offer adventure traveller insurance for over 140 countries.

British Mountaineering Council

Provide insurance as a member for a wide range of mountain activities & many membership benefits.


Provides mountain rescue insurance for mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing as well as many other activities. Snowshoeing falls under Level 2 as does cross country skiing on tracks and trails, Nordic ski touring where you are travelling from hut to hut falls under Level 4. This information is for advice only, please confirm this direct with Snowcard so that YOU are sure the cover is appropriate.

Austrian Alpine Club

Mountain rescue insurance is included in the annual membership fee.


Provide a range of activity insurance, including cover suitable for our Norwegian cross country ski trips.

Ski Club of Great Britain

They provide insurance cover for all our winter activities, including snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ski touring. They also cover a range of summer sports.