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Chamonix Trail Running Camp

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Julia Tregaskis-Allen

Wednesday 03 July 2013 8:34:39 pm

I just wanted to say thank you again for such a brilliant week in Chamonix. In a way I'd say the holiday was exactly as I expected - there's loads
of details on the Tracks & Trails website, and the week panned out pretty much as described. But it also totally exceeded my expectations - the quality of coaching/expertise from all of you guys, the motivation gained from meeting and chatting to some truly inspirational people, plus everyone was just so damn friendly and nice.

Best things about the week? Pretty much all of it! I think the relative mix between running and the other stuff - classes, talks etc, was spot on. I also really appreciated the attention to detail and the amount of effort you clearly put in all the way through the week - things like changing the itinerary to fit the weather so we got the best out of each day, making sure we were happy with the food etc.

I honestly can't think of anything to improve on.

All the best Clare