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Venabu, Norway - Cross Country Skiing

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Lindsay Cannon

Saturday 18 April 2015 11:15:17 am

Dear Lindsey,
A final 'thank you' from both Nigel & I for guiding us through yet another brilliant holiday.
Thanks for organising everything so efficiently and doing all he thinking for us. It is such a pleasure just to turn up & go & not have to worry about anything else. And we know we can rely on you right down to the last detail.

Venabu was great. All we would want from a holiday; so beautiful; so peaceful; so friendly & such a well run hotel. Even the opportunity for a little retail therapy ( just up my street!). Thanks for proposing it.

As ever, your professionalism & knowledge came to the fore in coping with the the various challenges of the week. You coped with it all.
You inspire the utmost confidence & this is one reason why we feel safe to come with you again & again & again.

Thanks again for everything. Will keep in touch for the future.
Love from us both,
Anne & Nigel