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Trail Running in the Alps

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  • Les Marecottes and Salvan - these two villages, situated close to the French Swiss border, have streets lined with traditional style chalets and hay barns on stilts. Each street which you turn into deserves photographing. It's a perfect location to Nordic walk, run or simply to relax and enjoy your surroundings. We can build in time here for the outside pool carved out of the rock for a refreshing cool down.
  • Champex - is one of the villages visited on the famous circular walk around Mont Blanc, the Tour du Mont Blanc. We can enjoy a Nordic work-out around the green waters of the lake, before strolling or running up the Val d'Arpette visiting the hidden away hamlets and farming areas.
  • Finhaut and the Emosson Dam - A scenic train ride from Chamonix on the Mont Blanc Express takes us over the Swiss Border to the wonderfully unspoilt village of Finhaut. We then head higher into the mountains to the Barrage d'Emosson where we can take in the views of Mont Blanc before heading along the lakeside. After lunch we can return to Finhaut to explore the village and enjoy a cool drink on the cafe terrasse!